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“Countless adoptees have spent their adult lives without ever discovering the identities of their birth parents.
Fortunately we have an ally, CeCe Moore. She’s a detective with skills that would put Sherlock Holmes to Shame.”

Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. Host, PBS series “Finding Your Roots”.

About CeCe Moore

Throughout the last decade, CeCe has been considered an innovator and pioneer in the use of autosomal DNA to resolve unknown parentage and family mysteries, frequently consulted by DNA testing companies, genealogists, adoptees, law enforcement and the press. In recognition of her contributions to the field, CeCe has been appointed a 2019 – 2021 Non-Resident Fellow of the Du Bois Research Institute at Harvard’s Hutchins Center. She is the Chief Genetic Genealogist for Parabon Nanolabs, heading their Genetic Genealogy Services for law enforcement unit, boasting the unparalleled record of over 200 successful identifications of violent criminals in the two years since the unit’s launch. Her work has led to the first conviction, the first conviction through jury verdict, and the first exoneration in criminal cases where the suspect was identified through investigative genetic genealogy.  ABC’s documentary series, The Genetic Detective  follows CeCe as she uses her unique research skills to assist law enforcement in the pursuit of justice. The show is now available on ABC.com


“The Genetic Detective” Featuring CeCe’s work premiered on ABC Prime Time and is now available on ABC.com

“Law Enforcement” – Team Unmatched

Numbers talk – loud and clear. With almost 200 successful identifications (and counting) this team is in a league of its own. Moore and Parabon deliver more perpetrator identifications, convictions and exonerations than all others combined:

Parabon and CeCe Moore forged an unbeatable team, combining Parabon’s exclusive DNA Phenotyping, Kinship Inference and genotyping capabilities, with CeCe Moore’s brilliant Genetic Genealogy model revolutionizing law enforcement efficacy in identifying and capturing a record number of perpetrators of violent crimes at a speed and accuracy entirely without equal in the field.

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CeCe Moore’s unique Genetic Genealogy model was first to pioneer autosomal genetic genealogy. Her decade long full-time experience working with tens of thousands of unknown parentage cases proved to be a perfect fit for law enforcement applications. Equally unique is her vast experience working cases involving a wide variety of ethnicities, all coming into play to deliver unparalleled results when applied to law enforcement.

Using deep data mining and advanced machine learning algorithms in a specialized bioinformatics pipeline, Parabon — with funding support from the US Department of Defense (DoD) — developed the Snapshot Forensic DNA Phenotyping System, which accurately predicts genetic ancestry, eye color, hair color, skin color, freckling, and face shape in individuals from any ethnic background, even individuals with mixed ancestry. Each phenotype prediction is made with a measure of confidence, including those that can be excluded with high confidence.

CeCe Moore’s Genetic Genealogy model and Parabon’s proprietary Snapshot Forensic DNA Phenotyping System in close collaboration with Law Enforcement, has produced a record number of perpetrator identifications, convictions and exonerations without equal anywhere.

Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.

For more than a decade, renowned Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. has helped to expand America’s sense of itself, stimulating a national conversation about identity with humor, wisdom, and compassion. Starting in 2013, CeCe Moore joined Professor Gates’ team as the first full-time genetic genealogist on a TV series, and continues as such to date, eventually serving as a producer on three episodes.